Culinary is Fun

Over the years, our students have been equipped to work, solve challenges, and lead in a wide range of skills in the hospitality Industry.

You can become the next Culinary Star!

What Programme suits my personality and schedule ?

What Programme suits my personality and schedule ?

Onsite Programmes

– Are you keen in learning new culinary techniques?
– Do you own, manage or train culinary staff in one or many food beverage venues?
– Desire access to world-class culinary education?


– More than 400 students trained
– More than 20 gainfully employed
– Conducive learning environment
– 100% practical
– Certification on completion of Course

Online Courses

Learning with Chopsity is now a “click” away with the launch of our E-Learning Platform.
We believe that you should not be denied the benefits of quality culinary education due to distance and time.
Thus with you in mind, we have created this avenue to ensure that you can also get quality and practical culinary education with any mobile device at your convenience


– Flexible Learning
– 24 Hours Access to lectures and course Contents
– Video-Conferencing
– Certification on completion of Course

Get culinary Skills at your convenience?…Think chopsity!